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Bringing Your Knowledge to the Next Level

A fast track approach in guiding you to cherry-pick your dream home from the start till the end of the selection process.

Cherry-Pick Your Dream Home - a Fast Track approach with Feng Shui
Learn useful and practical classical Feng Shui applications to select the right property for you and your family, or add an extra edge to your real estate business by helping your clients to purchase their dream home with this knowledge.

Feng Shui is about harnessing the natural energy of your living environment to help you achieve your goals. It makes your home a comfortable and joyous place to reside in and at the same time, support your life endeavors.

This informative course will bring easy-to-learn yet essential Classical Feng Shui tips and techniques, enabling you to grasp maximum benefits for anyone whether you are buying or selling a property, or perhaps upgrading the Feng Shui of your property at the comfort of your home in the coming years and beyond.

Course Highlights
The Exterior
The power of the Environmental factors empowering your Life Ambitions.

The Interior
Rediscover and craft your living space for Good Fortune and Abundance.

Who Can Benefit
Help you to better select your choice home that supports not only your life ambitions but also those of your loved ones.

Real Estate Salespersons
Adds value to your property sales by recommending better value properties to your clients, complementing your Real Estate sales and marketing skill-set.

Key Takeaway
At the end of this 2 Day Online Class, you will learn the necessary Feng Shui knowledge in cherry-picking and grading the quality of a property from the start until the end of the selection process.

Watch to find out more about this 2 Day Online Class:

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Cherry-Pick Your Dream Home
a Fast Track approach with Feng Shui
Online Class
by Martin Ho

27 - 28 Sep 2022, 8pm (GMT+8)

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SGD 138
(usual SGD 388)

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Reaching Me
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