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An Untold Wealth story of a North-facing Home?
Posted on 8 Oct 2021

Many developments whether in the past or recently are built in the North-South orientation. Coincidentally, this is also in line with the upcoming Qi transformation of Period 9 starting from 4-Feb 2024 till 2043. Find out why Water in the North, especially for North-facing homes is more favourable as it is one of the criteria for Period 9 compliant property.
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Find out what Home attracts Wealth Problems?
Posted on 17 Sep 2021
A Qi Men analysis can reveal the condition of a property, whether it can be a bad investment with weak or no wealth affinity, and most importantly determine the possible presence of negative vibrational energies within, inviting "unwanted occupants", especially for older houses, or have been vacated for some time.
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Your Home with the Heavenly Water
Posted on 14 Sep 2021

As of 2019, 81 percent of the resident population in Singapore lived in public housing, and thousands of Build-To-Order (BTO) flats are consistently available for sale every year. If you are keen or have participated in any of the BTO sales exercises, especially the recent Kovan Wellspring application, perhaps this story is for you.
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Your Nightmare begins with the Disturbed Afflictions
Posted on 19 Aug 2021

Find out what could have probably gone wrong if your close friend cum colleague snatched your client behind your back unethically.
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Is your Home Ambush with Poison Arrows?
Posted on 12 Aug 2021

Sometimes even without Mountain and Water in the vicinity of your Home, avoiding the Poison Arrows can be enjoying Good Feng Shui too! Find out what are these poison arrows.
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Whose Home Value is Higher: Yours or your Neighbour?
Posted on 26 Jul 2021

Find out if there is there a difference in the Home Value between the 2 properties located on the same building, with the same floor area, but mirror floor layout, perhaps even locating side by side to each other sharing the same wall.
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What is in the Property Investment Equation?
Posted on 19 Jul 2021

Sometimes investment doesn't only base on Capital Appreciation. Find out what's the other side of the Property Investment equation.
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Assess your Home with Qi Men
Posted on 2 Jul 2021

There are 5 essential areas to analyze in assessing the Feng Shui configurations of a property. The Main Door is the most important area as everyone in the household could benefit if the energy coming in the door is positive, and Qi Men (奇门) can give you this indication.
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Assessing the Environment with Qi Men
Posted on 27 Jun 2021

As the environmental factor can contribute as much as 70% of the Feng Shui of an area, this plays an important role in determining the quality of a piece of land which has a specific orientation as well. Find out how Qi Men (奇门) can help to assess this Feng Shui quaility.
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The Road to Recovery or a Respite in 2021
Posted on 7 Apr 2021

This year in 2021 which is the year of the Metal Ox, the image representing this is the Beauty Hexagram (山火贲) which can denote by a "Beautiful Sunset view, or Celebrating Fireworks" overlooking from the Hill or Mountain, a beautiful picture that could come with a hidden message.
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Redefining the Purpose of your Dream Home
Posted on 17 Aug 2020

The current pandemic has hit many people hard in the way we live and work. One of the wakeup calls is that many may need to reconsider redefining the purpose of their dream home as choosing one currently may not be the same as in the pre-COVID days.
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Are you Overshadowed in this Pandemic?
Posted on 08 Aug 2020

The current crisis has disrupted the vibrancy of many cities coming to a standstill, and has greatly affected and continuing impacting our livelihood. Find out what you can adopt to prepare and thrive in this new normal from the metaphysic perspective, especially if you are in the crossroad right now and need a clearer life compass.
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Is your Home Period 9 ready?
Posted on 02 Aug 2020

There is a Chinese saying: "风水轮流转". This can literally mean Feng Shui varies over time. What is good Feng Shui now, can't be Good forever, and vice-versa, especially when we are transiting to Period 9 in a few years' time.
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The Hills for Health in your vicinity
Posted on 31 Jul 2020

Generally, with not 1 but 2 hills in its vicinity, it can't be too bad. In fact, thanks to these hills that the residents could be blessed with good health and people luck.
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The Rise of Canberra Precinct
Posted on 16 Feb 2020

The recent sales launch of Executive Condominium and Build to Order new public housing development have thrown Canberra precinct into the limelight, such as the Parc Canberra, Canberra Vista.
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Activating Your Wealth and Abundance
Posted on 24 Oct 2019

Consider seeking more wealth opportunities by simply ascertaining an auspicious day to start your marketing or wealth creation activities with a special formation in Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲).
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The Power of Mountain and Water for Wealth
Posted on 15 Mar 2019

When Mountain and Water are well-located with your home and further compliment with the right House facing, then your Property can enjoy Bountiful ealth Opportunities.
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The impact of Jade Belt Water in your backyard
 Posted on 21 May 2019

Jade Belt Water is where water or road curves, surrounding the property or development, embracing it. It is like an ancient high ranking official with a jade belt around his waist.
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Unleash Your Business Competence with the Art of War
Posted on 8 Oct 2018
In today’s context, although we may not be encountering wars and battles every day, we have many challenges and battles to fight; ranging from business battles to our personal battles that we are facing every single day in wealth, health, relationship, career, etc. Hence, knowing your Business Competence can be an advantage in managing these battles.
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What’s your Feng Shui Number?
Posted on 26 Aug 2018

Your Life Star can identify your Personal Life Palace, or commonly known as your Identity Palace, and it represents your Personal Life Capacity. Find out how this influence you.
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Missing Sector impact on your Wealth and Investment
Posted on 23 July 2018

A home with missing sector in a specific area would denote a property with no affinity to Wealth, and generally can be considered as a “no-wealth” property (破财屋).
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3 Main Home Essentials for Good Fortune and Prosperity
Posted on 12 Jun 2018
 An Auspicious House is about good relationships among the Main Door, Master Bedroom and Kitchen Stove. Any one of these if not supportive could impact the Feng Shui quality of the house.
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A Short Story about Ubi Grove at Geylang
Posted on 5 June 2018

In Qi Men Feng Shui, the Main Door of a Home plays an important role to assess the wealth factor of the occupants. The financial capability of the breadwinner and the investment suitability for the entire household can generally be ascertained by the door location.
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Riding the Dragon Force for your Home with Prosperity
Posted on 30 May 2018

Have you been wondering why some people are blessed with good fortune while their neigbours are encountering misfortunes one after another?
If this is also your concern, this article may interest you.
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The Eight Roads to Destruction
Posted on 25 May 2018

Always observe the "water exits" from the main door of your property as the roads leading towards there could be your Scaliest Nightmare!
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The wind is Breezy but may not be Cool with Sky Crack
Posted on 24 April 2018

Are you aware that when 2 buildings are too close to each other, it can be a Feng Shui problem or Sha Qi (煞气) and it may be "deadly"?
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Enhancing your Wealth Door with Qi Men
Posted on 17 April 2018

When relating to Qi Men, the Doors can ascertain the energy quality of specific sectors in your property, and one of these 8 Doors could invite Wealth into your Home.
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Personalize your New Home selection with Feng Shui
Posted on 4 September 2017

One simple way to ensure a good-value home that can support your life endeavours is to match as many living spaces within your home to your personal good sectors.
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Are you sitting on the Best Seat that favour you?
Posted on 16 August 2017

It's about putting people in the right place at the right time, embarking on a specific action to produce a desired outcome to manage your daily battles in business or career.
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