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2024 Business Planner
Where Destiny Defiants Fate

While we've put the pandemic behind us, new challenges like inflation and supply chain disruptions continue to impact our economic recovery, causing it to progress at varying speeds.

However, it's important to remember that some of the most remarkable success stories have emerged during times of adversity. Disruptions often give rise to fresh opportunities. That's why it's crucial to stay vigilant and be prepared to seize these budding prospects. One highly effective strategy to enhance your preparedness and maximize your potential for success is by harnessing the power of your personalized Daily Business Planner.

The Daily Business Planner not only unveils your Favorable and Unfavorable Days for your business ventures and key activities but also provides you with directional insights. Additionally, it reveals your personal 3 Victory Palace (胜宮) days, derived from the Qi Men Dun Jia (门遁甲) principle.
Summary of Business Planner
Embrace Prosperity in Challenging Times
with Your Personalized Daily Business Planner!

With this invaluable tool, you can navigate the shifting tides of the business world with confidence. Don't miss out on the opportunities that await – embrace them with the guidance of your Daily Business Planner and unlock your full potential for success!

Features and Benefits
What's New in 2024
Dong Gong Date Selection method ( 董公择日法) is the latest indicator to be introduced into the Daily Business Planner. This further refines the date selection process, enabling you to select better quality auspicious days for events or activities to meet the outcome you desire.

This colour-coded calendar planner hopes to give you an insight to better plan your schedule with an objective to manage your time and resources more efficiently, as being at the right place, at the right time, and taking the right action to achieve the outcome you desire is most important, and this personalized planner is designed to fulfill all these to your favour.
Your Personal Nobleman days
  • A special and essential key indicator to maximize nobility help or helpful people’s luck.
The Unfavorable days or the Nemesis
  • Your Personal Breaker days
  • The Year Breaker days
  • The Month Breaker days
Your Favourable days
  • Your Personal Wealth or Sales days
  • Your Creative or Marketing days
  • Your Resource or Ask-for-Favours days.
  • 6-Apr is your Personal Wealth or Sales day, and suitable for sealing deals, negotiations, or wealth related activities to your favour. It is also blessed with an auspicious Dong Gong day.

  • 5-Apr being your Personal Creative days is a great day for marketing related activities, promoting your products or services. It is also your Personal Nobleman Day, where you could be blessed with helpful people luck supporting your endeavors you desire. The auspiciousness can further increase as it is complemented as an auspicious Dong Gong day.

  • 4-Apr is an unfavourable day, where there could be changes and disruptions, and is best to avoid, especially when making important decisions, like buying your dream home, getting marriage, etc.

  • 3-Apr may see as an unfavorable day like in 4-Apr, but it is also your Personal Nobleman Day. This can denote an unfavorable day for many except you as the nobleman force is with you.

  • 2-Apr, 5-Apr, 6-Apr & 8-Apr are auspicious Dong Gong days, with the Red-coded and Pink-coded days being the most auspicious and secondary auspicious respectively for implementing activities and events, leading to a favorable outcome.
2024 Business Planner v1.0

Qi Men Essentials
These indicators enabling you to align to specific favourable directions to the outcome you desire, especially benefitting the followings:
  • More Nobility helps.
  • Fostering good Relationships
  • Bountiful Wealth opportunities
  • Better Health

Your Personal 3 Victory Palace (三胜宫) days
  • These are relatively good days and scarce for the entire year. Derived from Qi Men Dun Jia principle, You can schedule important activities on these days, so as to propel towards the favourable outcome you desire due to the enhanced energy level.

  • Although the 3 Victory Palace (三胜宮) principle from Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) is an ancient military warfare strategy, in current times it can be engaged in sales and marketing, negotiations, closing business deals, competitions, new product or service launches, or events winning to your favor as the dates are derived based on your Date of Birth.

More Illustrations
Illustration #1
Using 7-May as an illustration. If this is your personalized planner, besides being a relatively favorable day for Sales, it is also your personal 3 Victory Palaces Day which can further enhance the energy supporting the endeavors you desire based on your Date of Birth.

The Day can further be enhanced with Qi Men by sitting with your back against North for more vibrant energy for Wealth relating activities, perhaps launching a project, starting a campaign or as simple as initiating your dreams and wishes.

7 May 3Victory palace Wealth day
Illustration #2
Using 3-Jun as an illustration. Although it seems to be an unfavorable day as black-coded days are generally inauspicious, it is also your 3 Victory Palaces Day which can boost your energy level, enabling you to endear the business activities to your favor.

Based on Qi Men Nobility indicator, you can sit with your back against the North to tap to the Life Door energy for more effective Sales and Marketing activities. You can also sit with your back against the Southwest, to the Qi Men Nobility direction of the day to protect you from unfavorable situations that you might face, and perhaps an exit direction from the adversity.

3 Jun 3Victory palace Disruptive Breaker day

How To Use
2024 Business Planner

If winning for greater success is what you want in the coming year, then the following steps are for you.

Steps to leverage your Personalized Business Planner more effectively:
1. Select your Personal 3 Victory Palace days (3V) for Wealth & Business related activities for greater success.
2. Leverage on the colour-coded days except those Black ones to complement your intended activities.
3. Align yourself to the Qi Men nobility direction for important activities or events.
4. Tap to other Qi Men essential directions for specific life endeavors you desire.
5. If activities need to be held on the black colour-coded days and unable to reschedule or cancel, it is best to select those pink and red colour-coded days from Dong Gong and/or your Personal Nobleman days, and preferably align to the Qi Men nobility direction.

* Note: Step 1 and Step 2 can be interchangeable based on your preference.

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Owning Your Personal Planner

Obtaining your Personalized Report is as simple as a few quick and easy steps:
  • First, fill your Name, Email address, Contact No. and your Date and Time of Birth in the Order Form.
  • Provide us with a working email address.
  • Click ‘Buy Now’.
  • Your personaized Business Planner will be sent to the email address you provided.
  • Estimated Delivery in 2 - 3 days in pdf format.

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2024 Business Planner
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